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The true faces of Muslim secular fundamentalists

In the last six months the world has witnessed the blatant double standards of those who claim to be Muslims, secularists and liberals, all at the same time. The problem with such people is that they are not confident Muslims, they are not true secularists and certainly they are not liberals at all. They claim to believe in democracy but in truth they are more violent than the Al-Qaeda inspired terrorists. They mercilessly order the execution of their political opponents.

From Egypt to Bangladesh these Muslim secular fundamentalists have caused indescribable massacres from extra judicial killings, mass execution, abduction, imprisonment, torture, running kangaroo courts and total destruction of civil society institutions. They find their best support in Washington, London and Tel Aviv. These Muslim secular fundamentalists are liars and hypocrites.

The Egyptian security services have massacred more than 2000 Mursi supporters in the last twenty-four hours. The Mukhabarat dogs from the Mubarak era are back and in full control of Egypt. I call them dogs because they have demonstrated their true colour by their brutal repression over the last sixty years. The Egyptian people barely elected a president but the Muslim secular fundamentalists had an allergic reaction to a Muslim Brotherhood victory. They could not secure a win through the ballot boxes so they resorted to the dirty old trick of orchestrating a military takeover. These Muslim secular fundamentalists should never be trusted.

The Egyptian military removes an elected president, restricts the press and media, rolls its tanks on the streets but the US government did not have the spine and Barak Obama did not have the audacity to call it a coup. Mr Obama you are a coward and disgrace! US government should be held directly responsible for the massacre in Egypt. The Egyptian military junta has killed thousands of Mursi supporters only after receiving approval from Washington.

I am disgusted that the UK government that has not taken an immediate action against the Egyptian military. Egyptian Ambassador should be thrown out of Britain immediately. UK should never provide space for bloodthirsty military rulers. I am appalled at the other Western governments who are behaving like Ostriches, waiting for the storm to be over! The Muslim secular fundamentalists have yet again pulled wool over the eyes of the western leaders. They have sold it as struggle between Muslim extremists and secular liberals. What a load of nonsense!

The truth is there has been only one extremist in the Muslims world who has been in power and plundering the wealth of the Muslim countries for decades. They are the Muslim secular fundamentalists. They have two faces; they lack moral principles and strength of character. They are neither good Muslims nor good secularists; they are just opportunist thugs. From Bangladesh to Egypt the story is the same. Let us be honest here, some of our governments in the West have given these two faced Muslim secular fundamentalists and their brutal regimes the full support, as these killing machines are perceived as a better choice than the Islamist governments, whether they are from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt or any other Islamic parties.

The Saudi rulers unashamedly have bankrolled General Sisi of Egypt to end Muslim Brotherhoods presidency. The Saudi king knows his days are numbered too. No illegitimate rulers can remain in power forever. The people will rise and topple them one day. Al-Saud family’s reign would have been over long time ago if the western countries withdraw their support. But that day is not that far away when all dictators and despots would be toppled.

I cannot sleep when I see these evils taking place in the world. How can you sleep with a clear conscience? Here are some questions for your conscience:

Why is it wrong to choose an Islamic political party through democratic means?

Why is it OK to arrest, detain, torture and kill members of Islamic political parties?

Why are the Western media so shy in exposing the truth about these people?

Why are the Western governments colluding with these brutal illegitimate regimes?

Why are you silent about these double standards?

I believe the Muslim world is finding its true identity away from postcolonial hegemony and western imperialist interference. Unfortunately they are paying a very heavy price for liberation and democracy. What we are witnessing is the true struggle for freedom. I believe the Muslim secular fundamentalists will run and hide with the stash of cash and wealth they have looted; they will take shelter in a despot loving country in the West and assume a normal life. Never trust a Muslim secular fundamentalist as he or she will not hesitate to sell your for a small fortune and fame!

I have bad news for the Muslim secular fundamentalists. The freedom loving Muslim masses will free their country from these scums and parasites and when they free it, they will come looking for these Muslim secular fundamentalists. They will be brought to justice and their rotten legacy will stand as a stark reminder for hundreds of years.

Egyptians should rise against the military and the Bangladeshis should wise against the nasty party led by the lady Hilter. Dictators and despots will never win the hearts and minds; peaceful and morally sound people will win it. Bangladesh to Egypt will be free soon.

© Ajmal Masroor August 15, 2013