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Who the hell do these Muslims think they are?

Owen Jones: ‪#‎Dawkins‬ dresses up bigotry as non-belief. His anti-‪#‎Muslim‬ tweet is only the latest in a catalogue of smears.

‘Dawkins has a habit of talking about Muslims in the most dismissive, generalising and pejorative fashion. “Who the hell do these Muslims think they are?” he once tweeted. Another of his tweets accused UCL of “cowardly capitulation to Muslims” because it “tried to segregate sexes” in a debate between Lawrence Krauss “and some Muslim or other.” There’s a good test here: replace “Muslim” with “Jew” and tell me you’re comfortable.’

…’And then there is the broader context of rampant Islamophobia. Europe’s far-right – including our own BNP and EDL – now almost exclusively focus on Muslims, and the alleged danger posed by them. Nick Griffin scapegoats Muslims for a range of social problems like rape and drugs, and labels Islam “wicked” and a “cancer”. Studies have shown that media coverage of Muslims is overwhelmingly negative: they generally appear as, for example, terrorists or extremists. The sort of Muslims I grew up with are rarely seen. Polls show nearly half of Britons think “there are too many Muslims”, and over a third believe Muslims pose a serious threat to democracy.

‘How can comments by the likes of Dawkins really be separated from a broader context where Muslims are feared, suspected and even hated? If we were to look back at literature from 1920s Britain, would we look at statements such as “Judaism is the greatest force for evil today” and divorce them from the atmosphere of then-rampant anti-Semitism?’

Full article here👇–he-cannot-be-left-to-represent-atheists-8754183.html

When you can’t sleep

-Make a list📋✏
When your mind isn’t ready to sleep, it goes into overdrive. Old worries, missed assignments and other annoyances start popping into your mind. To stop thinking about these things, write them down in a list. Getting it down on paper will put your mind at ease. Now that the thoughts are there to look at in the morning, your mind can relax and go to sleep.

-Try reverse psychology 🔁🔀🔂
Does your brain rebel when you tell it to go to sleep? Try telling it to get up. Think of something that you could get up and do. Then tell yourself you’ll do it in five minutes. More often than not, you’ll get a timely dose of sleep procrastination. Instead of avoiding sleep, your mind will want to avoid whatever tedious thing you’ve thought up.