Martyrs of Rabaa al-‘Adawiyyah.

By Shaykh Abu Eesa

I spent many a day during my studies in Cairo with hundreds of some of the best people I’ve ever met in the Masjid below: Masjid al-Iman, off Makram Obaid in Nasr City.

Subhanallah today we see that this Masjid was given a name that hundreds have truly died for – iman – and that this Masjid *still* right now has hundreds of the best people on Earth: the martyrs of Rabaa al-‘Adawiyyah.

Wallahi I am humbled by these awesome awesome Shuhada’ who stood up like lions against the munafiqeen and criminals of the military coup. As they all lay there in their shrouds, I pray that we might meet a death even half as honourable as theirs. Ya Allah accept our Shuhada’, keep us all firm on iman, let these heroes be witnesses for that iman against all the oppressors in Egypt, and may the eyes of those coward transgressing scum never sleep. Ameen.


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