Heart wrenching what they are doing to our brs & srs. Inshallah, they’re alive with Allah swt rejoicing & waiting for others to join.

What truly died was the standing of every secularist/nationalist/liberalist/coup-lover. Every bullet in Egypt was a bullet to the heart of the ummah. Don’t ever forget that.

The hearts of believers are one. Feel their pain, follow what’s happening, act, share and increase in dua. Allah swt will purify & look after them- their imaan + fortitude is plain for the world to see. We have to do our bit.

To anyone inside Egypt now who reads this, including close brs & friends:

أَسْتَـوْدِعُكُـمُ اللَّهَ الَّذي لا تَضـيعُ وَدائِعُـه

“I place you in the trust of Allah, whose trust is never misplaced.”


4 thoughts on “#PrayForEgypt

  1. frizzeespecface

    “The stories we’ve heard talking to Syrian women in Lebanon are truly horrific. Many of these women have experienced rape and torture in Syria, but as refugees can’t find the support they need to heal their physical and emotional scars—let alone provide food and shelter for their families,” International Rescue Committee Commission on Syrian Refugees (IRC hereafter) Emergency Field Director SanJ SriKanThan says in a recent study documenting lives of Syrian refugees [PDF].1Rape by Wissam Al JazairyAccounts of Violations & Deaths: Syrian Women Defiled A Syrian woman was raped to death with a rat. A rat was forcefully thrust in between her legs, while in captivity, and then she died. Stop for a moment and try to fully fathom that. This happened in Syria. Not a sick Hollywood movie. This happened to my sister, your sister, my mother, your mother, my aunt, your aunt, my grandmother, your grandmother; this happened to us, all of us. Charlotte Proudman of The Independent reports:‎”One woman described an assault on another prisoner, which she witnessed. “He pushed a rat in her vagina. She was screaming. Afterwards we saw blood on the floor. He told her: ‘Is this good enough for you?’ They were mocking her. It was obvious she was in agony. We could see her. After that she no longer moved.”Another woman, who was taken for 48 hours, the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR hereafter) reports,returned a corpse with “marks of torture and barbarianism” to her family. Survived witnesses also report to the SNHR that security personnel would urinate in the mouths of female detainees to break their will. Moreover, a detainee said that she was prevented from using pads during her period, which led her to sanitize herself using trash; hence, developing a “reproductive disease.” Male detainees similarly reported female prisoners being questioned while naked in separate cells.

    Accounts of Gang-Rapes: Young Girls in Ruins The Women Under Siege in Syria project (WUS hereafter), which is run by the United States based Women’s Media Center, curated 133 reports of abuse, rape, and sexual violations of Syrians, both genders included. In one report, WUS translates an alleged confession of a Syrian Army solider, who says they [solides] were given “two tablets of Zemax, a sexual stimulant, to swallow” two hours before being commanded to take captured women of Baba Amr, who had just witnessed their husbands, sons, and brothers shot point-blank, into separate rooms to rape them. “I raped three women. After the rapes we left the halls. I do not know what happened to those women,” he says in a video.

    Instances of gang-rape have become so often that it was reported to the IRC a young girl was “forced to stagger home naked” after being violated by a group of men. Another girl, now in a safe hostel, along with 16 other cases,told Al-Arabiya of being gang-raped, where she witnessed her mother’s death while being forcefully held down. She says (as per WUS translation):“They took the older women and children away and kept us, the younger women, in the square. They started with me. One of them untied me. When I resisted he pulled my hair and pushed me to the ground. I hit my head. When I screamed, my mother recognized my voice. I heard her saying, ‘Please leave her, she is so young. Take me instead, I beg you.’ They just laughed.“Three faces got close to mine, and many hands started touching my body. Within seconds I was naked. I tried to fight back. I was trembling like a slaughtered hen. Their arms were like octopus arms squeezing me. I eventually stopped moving. I felt paralyzed. I felt like I was suffocating. They smelled rotten, like death. They shouted, ‘You want freedom? This is freedom, freedom, freedom.’ One monster hit me on the face and kicked my body. He stepped on my chest and I heard my bones cracking. Pain felt like a fire whipping me. I heard them cursing my screaming mom, ‘Shut up, you….’”

    On the counts of mortality, The SNHR‎ documented the death of 3,517 that they know of, Syrian females, 1,079 being underage. Causes of their deaths vary from being shelled and victims of airstrikes to executions, rape, suicide, kidnap, and being tortured to death, SNHR adds. 495 females are currently detained, 27 of those not older than 18 years of age, SNHR says.

    Those accounts, though ghastly gruesome, barely depict the entire reality of what happens to females in Syria. Discussing rape, abuse, and what have you of violations done to them is considered a taboo in Syrian societies.

    Women are hushed, deemed guilty, and killed for honor because their body was defied. In fact, in what the IRC called an “extreme case,” a father “shot his daughter when an armed group approached to prevent the “disgrace” of her being raped.” Even prior to the revolution, often stories of brothers shooting their sisters, and females jumping off balconies would make it to headlines with words like “shame” and “honor” describing them. What saddens me most is that this harsh reality I speak of is not news in the Middle East today.

    Where You Come In:
    Your Voice is Heard I don’t know who you are, reading this right now. I dare not ask you to put yourself in a what if situation where this happens to someone you know. It is far too awful even for imagination to grasp. I ask of you, if you, just as I, do not have the power to stop this, raise awareness; condemn the violence; stand firm against it; and do not, please, I beg of you, do not be silenced by fear, nonchalance, or whatever your reasons may be. If not by a protest, then tell your friends. If not by a petition to your government asking them for support, then tweet about it, Facebook it, blog about it; do something, anything. You alone have a voice, and along with other voices, you make an echo loud enough to generate a difference. Be that difference. It does not end with just your voice, but it starts with it.The Syrian American Council has started a petition, asking the US First Lady to condemn Assad for his crimes against females, sign here.


  2. frizzeespecface


    Assalaamu alaikum.
    Yes its me again 🙂
    I need your help!
    I spoke to a member from ‘Ummah welfare trust’, we spoke about countries which are suffering but have been forgotten, not many people donate towards them. So please donate at least £1 to the countries below:
    SUDN88 £2 to 70070

    KSMR88 £2 to 70070

    PHLP88 £2 to 70070

    CECH88 £2 to 70070

    Ummah welfare trust has a 100% donation, money on the above pages will be used towards food, medical and water aid.
    To find out more on how they are suffering, click on each link above.
    Please donate at least £1, so when on the day of Qiyamah we’re asked how we helped these people whom are suffering, insha’Allah our Sadaqah will speak up on our behalf.

    If Allah inspires you to donate, then Alhamdulillah! Please forward so others may be inspired too!


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